As Persistent as You are

For Sailors by Sailors

Persisto Ropes was founded by sailors as a company manufacturing ropes that perfectly suits sailors needs and requirements.

Modern technologies and materials allow us to create high-performance ropes stronger than steel. Nevertheless, the majority of sailors does not need ultra high-performance ropes used in America's cup or other Grand Prix racing campaigns. Simple sailors, like the founders of Persisto Ropes, requires Strong Durable and Comfortable Ropes.

Our ropes are manufactured from highest quality materials.

Durability is one of the main design goals of our ropes.


Pefect ropes for function would be impossible to use by sailors. Therefore comfort and ease of use is a high priority in our product design process. Our ropes are comfortable to use both by hand and winch.

Our ropes are designed and manufactured to be affordable. When comparing longevity and cost our ropes are probably the best in the market.

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